YouTube is the world’s largest search engine after Google on the Internet. Everyone watch videos on YouTube. When we search for a video on YouTube it shows many results for the same video. So in this article, I’ll tell you some simple commands through which you can get more accurate videos on YouTube.

How to Search Like a Pro on YouTube?
How to Search Like a Pro on YouTube?

To Find a Specific Channel

YouTube shows numerous videos related to the video you search. But if you are looking for particular official channel regarding video than add “channel” to your query separated by a comma.

For Example – Animals Videos, Channel

Watch live Videos on YouTube

To watch live videos on YouTube add word “live” after your query. You can stream live news, live concerts, sports or cooking sessions.

For example- Cooking Classes, live

Limit Your Search to Latest Uploaded Videos

You can also search only for recently uploaded videos add the word “this month or this week” in your query.

For example- Funny Baby Videos, this week

Search official videos, no fan material

If you’re looking for only official songs or official videos than add word ‘partner’ to your query.

For Example- Criminal Britney Spears Song, partner

Search for Movies on YouTube

You can also find full-length movies on YouTube. For this, you need to add the word ‘movie’ in your query.

For Example- tom cruise, movie

3D Video Clips

To find 3D clips on videos add the word “3d” in your query. By using this method you can discover 3D videos on YouTube.

For Example- avtar, 3d

Find HD or 4K Videos on YouTube

To discover only HD and 4K videos on YouTube add the word “hd or 4k” to your query. It’ll show you only HD -720p (1280×720) or 4K-  1080p (1920×1080 pixels).

For Example- Justice League Trailer, hd

Find Long Duration Videos on YouTube

Sometimes we want to enjoy long duration videos. SO to achieve this add the word long in your query. After adding this word YouTube return videos that are at least 20 minutes long in minutes.  For short videos add append “short” in the search query.

For Example- Woody Woodpecker Show, long

Find Video Playlists on YouTube

Playlists are the group of videos. So you can find similar videos in a single playlist. To search playlist on YouTube add the word “playlist” in your query.

For Example- bryan adams, playlist

Mix Multiple Search Operator

This is the best part of this article. You can combine multiple search operators separated by commas to find a particular video.

For Example: For Example- Woody Woodpecker Show, long, hd, this month


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