Hey guys, welcome to Rahulupmanyu.com. Smartphones are very important part of everyone’s life. As technology is growing fastly newer mobiles come into existence. Every Smartphone company launch their smartphones after few intervals of time in cheap prices with great features.

If you want to buy a Smartphone than a lot of options are available in the market in your budget.  So it becomes very difficult to choose the right one for you. So in this article, I’ll tell you some tips that can help you to choose the best Smartphone for you.

Smartphone Buying Guide
Smartphone Buying Guide

Tips for buying a mobile

Choosing a smartphone is a very tedious task. But I’ll make it easy for you. Here I’ll reveal some buying tips for a smartphone that will help you next time when you will buy a smartphone.

1. Budget

The first thing you need to decide before buying a smartphone is the budget. When you are clear about the budget in which you want to buy smartphone makes things easier for you.  Always take an estimate of 1-2K extra than your budget. Example: If you set your budget $100 and you like a smartphone that has $110 price. Then you can easily purchase it because you set your budget limit extra.

2. Brand

Now after setting your budget, you need to select some best brands of smartphones. Now you are clear about budget and brands. Then you can search for products of these brands in your budget. Some popular brands of smartphones are MOTO, Samsung, Lenovo, Asus, Apple etc.

3. Storage

We’ve two types of storages in our mobile phones:

  • RAM (Random Access Memory)– RAM is very important for our smartphone because the speed, multitasking, and performance of mobile depend on the RAM. So always choose a mobile that has minimum 3 GB RAM.
  • Internal Memory: It allows you to store your pictures, music, videos and install the application from play store to your mobile. You may face some problems while installing apps “storage full” or “memory full delete some data”. So to avoid these type of problems ensure that your phone has 32-64 GB of internal storage.

4. Camera

If you are a selfie lover than you also need to focus on camera also. I’ll tell you the best way to check the camera quality of any smartphone. If you final some smartphones and want to check their camera quality then just go to Google.com and type “camera samples of ____ mobile”. For example: if you want to see the camera samples of iPhone 7 then type “iPhone 7 camera samples” in Google. This tip will clear all your doubts about the camera quality.

5. Display

Nowadays almost all mobiles are coming with the minimum 5-inch display. So always try to buy a smartphone that has the minimum 5-inch display so you can enjoy better gaming and watch videos.

Some Other Tips:

  • Read full specs of mobile you are going to buy.
  • Search for reviews
  • See camera samples

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